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    Our undergraduate school student Participated in KSIC 2017.(The Korean Society of Industry Convergence)

    A total of 6 teams participated.

    1) Su-Jin Seol et. al, Audio and Video Stimulated Mood Light

    2) Jae-Hee Lee et. al, IoT based Secured Window Control

    3) Young Joo Kim et. al, Efficient Energy and Eco-Friendly Humidity Controller

    4) Dong-Hoon Lee et. al, Robot cleaner

    5) Dea-Youb Kim et. al, Design and Implementation of Missing Child Prevention System

        Using GPS Module and Bluetooth Communication Device

    6) Yun-Jeong Choi et. al, Emotional Mood light based on the Weather

Added 12 July 2017

    ISIE 2017 was held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom from 19-21 June. ISLab had one contribution:

    Ajmal et al., Optimal Color Space based Probabilistic Foreground Detector for Video Surveillance System

Added 03 July 2017

    ISLab Participated in ICROS 2017 with 3 contributions.

    Kyu-Jin Park"s paper was awarded best paper award by Institue of Control, Robotics and Systems.

    1) Kyu-Jin Park et. al, Method of Improving Clearness through Contrast of Background and Object using Histogram Deformation

    2) Beom-Seok Kim et. al, Detection of Thrower and Garbage Using the Analysis of Pedestrian Trajectory and Baggage4

    3) Gi-Seok Sohn et. al, Determination of the Status and Kind of Fruits according to Color Distribution

Added 26 June 2017

    ACIIDS is an international conference for researches in the filed of intelligent information and database systems. In this year, this conference was held during 3-5 April 2017 in Kaga, Japan.


    ISLAB contribute 2 papers:

    1.  Ajmal Shahbaz, Laksono Kurnianggoro, Wahyono, Kang-Hyun Jo, Recent Advances in the Field of Foreground Detection: An Overview, ACIIDS 2017, Kanazawa, Japan, Apr 3, 2017.

    2.  Laksono Kurnianggoro, Wahyono, and Kang-Hyun Jo, Improving Traffic Sign Recognition Using Low Dimensional Features, ACIIDS 2017, Kanazawa, Japan, Apr 3, 2017.



Added 11 April 2017

Added 13 March 2017


Added 20 February 2017

    IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM 2017) was organized in Gippsland, Australia between February 13-16, 2017.  ISLAB contributed 1 paper to the ICM 2017 :

      • Wahyono, Laksono Kurnianggoro, Alexander Filonenko, and Kang-Hyun Jo, A Fuzzy Model-based Integration Framework for Vision-based Intelligent Surveillance Systems, ICM 2017, Australia, Feb 13, 2017.

    Furthermore, Wahyono also received the Best Student Paper Award from IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Student Paper and Travel Award.

Added 24 February 2017

    The 23th International Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision (FCV2017) was organized in Seoul, Korea between February 1-3, 2017.  ISLAB contributed 1 paper to the FCV 2017 :

    • Wahyono and Kang-Hyun Jo, Person Re-Identification Using Bag of Visual Feature on Random Windows, FCV 2017, Seoul, Korea, Feb 1, 2017.

Added 04 February 2017


Added 16 January 2017


Added 30 December 2016

Added 26 December 2016

    SII2016 was held in Sapporo, Japan from Dec. 13 ~ 15. We had two papers by Wen Lihua and Tang Qing.

    • Wen Lihua, Kang-Hyun Jo, Vehicle Localization and Navigation on Region with Disappeared Lane Line Marking, SII 2016, Sapporo, Japan, Dec 13, 2016 pp.5.
    • Tang Qing, Laksono Kurnianggoro, and Kang-Hyun Jo, Statistical and Geometrical Features for LiDAR-based Vehicle Detection, SII 2016, Sapporo, Japan, Dec 13, 2016.

Added 23 December 2016

Added 21 December 2016

    Dr. Kwang-Hyun Cho (KAIST) presented the overview lecture on System Biology at University of Ulsan.p1p2p3

Added 17 December 2016

     ISLAB contributed 3 papers to the IECON 2016 :

    1. Ajmal Shahbaz et al., Parameter Analysis of Probabilistic Foreground Detector
    2. Joko Hariyono et al., Estimation of Collision Risk for Improving Driver"s Safety
    3. Laksono Kurnianggoro et al., Coarse-to-fine Approach for Fast Correlation-based Visual Tracking



Added 31 October 2016
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